The Marquis of Grillo 1981

The marquess of Grillo is a good-natured, clever and women-loving man who is always inventing stories and cracking all types of jokes. The film tells the story of his life.

Grill Point 2002

In the style of a documentary this tragic comedy tells the story of a relationship crisis between two married couples and their longing to break out of their miserable daily lives. In this East German post-wall movie Andreas Dresen introduces the sad everyday life of two couples from Frankfurt an der Oder in a honest and tolerable manner.

The Spitfire Grill 1996

Percy, upon being released from prison, goes to the small town of Gillead, to find a place where she can start over again. She is taken in by Hannah, to help out at her place, the Spitfire Grill. Percy brings change to the small town, stirring resentment and fear in some, and growth in others.

The Walls of Malapaga 1949

A French fugitive arrives in Genoa, where he becomes entangled with an Italian woman and her daughter.

Grillo vs Grillo 2017

Outspoken comedian Beppe Grillo reminisces about his long career, including the triumphs and controversies that fueled his rise in Italian politics.

The Happy Cricket 2006

Happy Cricket and his cute, adorable friends will have to defeat the evil Wartlord and rescue Linda, the Night Star. This film celebrates the values of friendship, freedom and the defense of nature.

The Brave Little Toaster 1987

A group of dated appliances find themselves stranded in a summer home that their family had just sold decide to, a la The Incredible Journey, seek their young 8 year old "master". Children's film which on the surface is a frivolous fantasy, but with a dark subtext of abandonment, obsolescence, and loneliness.

Finders Keepers 2015

In this documentary, recovering addict and amputee John Wood finds himself in a stranger-than-fiction battle to reclaim his mummified leg from Southern entrepreneur Shannon Whisnant, who found it in a grill he bought at an auction and believes it therefore to be his rightful property.

Sonja's Grill 2019

At Sonjas Grill, Bella is sitting around waiting for her boyfriend Gabbe. An old text-message conversation between Gabbe and his ex sheds new light on their relationship.

The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue 1999

Those fun-loving eletrical appliances from the acclaimed animated hit 'The Brave Little Toaster' are back in an action-packed adventure with four all-new songs. This heartfelt and humorous full-length feature reunites Toaster, Blanky, Lampy, Radio and Kirby the vacuum cleaner--the beloved household gadgets of college student Rob. When Toaster and the gang spark freindships with the playful animals at the veterinary hospital, they soon discover their new pals are about to be sent to a testing laboratory. Through teamwork (and combined voltage), they embark on a hilarious rescue to save all the animals, including Sebastion, a wise monkey, and Maisie, the doting mother cat with kittens.Treat your entire family to 'The Brave Little Toaster To The Rescue', an imaginative film bursting with colorful animation, high-energy music and characters that'll warm your heart at the push of a button!

The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars 1998

Based on the book by Thomas M. Disch and intended as the third film in the series, this sequel was finished and released prior to 'The Brave Little Toaster To The Rescue'. Whilst trying to protect their new "Little Master" the anthropomorphic appliances set off on an epic adventure and make many new friends along the way.

Beppe Grillo: Delirio Tour 2008

Italy is madness. Our employees in Parliament are in a madhouse. Among them they understand, but they do not know what reality is. They mixed up their private interests with party. The future are nuclear power plants, incinerators, parking lots, bridges on the close, the tunnel in the Susa Valley, DTT and the judiciary on a leash. They have delusions to "Veltrusconi". The call dialogue partners positions. We depend on foreign countries for energy and not exploit renewable. We depend on foreign countries for food goods and we destroy the wheat fields. We have one of the biggest public debts in the world and give five billion Euros to Libya. Egypt imports from Ukraine bread and we Chernobyl. Russia threatens nuclear retaliation for Georgia and the American nuclear bases with 90 nuclear warheads we have at Ghedi Torre and Aviano.

Cri Cri el Grillito Cantor 1963

Biography of the famous composer of children's music Gabilondo Soler. Starts from his childhood, when he worked as a pastor and grandmother tried to teach him to play the piano. Later he went to the city to study music theory and began writing his first songs.

Cesar's Grill 2013

In order to rescue his father's ramshackle grill restaurant, filmmaker and vegetarian Dario Aguirre is traveling back to his homeland Ecuador. What starts out as a strange debate about opening times, chips and Excel spread sheets, develops into a moving family drama.

Ice Grill, U.S.A. 2009

"Ice Grill, USA" is a vivid yet stark examination of the pursuit of the American Dream. Set in the multicultural landscape of Atlantic City, NJ, IGU examines class struggle and the acquisition of status in a morally indifferent community.

Ice Grill

One of New York's biggest crime heads has offered to let the Ice Grill Bandits in on the biggest heist of the century, but the bandits decide to double cross the mob and make their own deal. When they try unload the ice, they soon discover all the dealers are working for the Mob. Now, their lives are an all out battle to escape the mob's reach.

El grillo 2014

Two women live together in a house: one is an actress of underground theatre rehearsing her next play and the other is a cat lover widow.

Grill den Profi 2017

Every episode has changing Profi chefs which compete against three hobby chefs in three rounds. The Profis don’t know the recipes.

Secret Squirrel 1965

Secret Squirrel is a funny animal cartoon character created by Hanna-Barbera, and also the name of his segment in the The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show, which debuted in 1965. He was given his own show in 1966, but was reunited with Atom Ant for one more season in 1967. Secret first appeared in a prime-time animated special called The World of Atom Ant and Secret Squirrel, which aired on NBC on September 12, 1965. The Secret Squirrel half-hours included three individual cartoon segments: "Secret Squirrel," "Squiddly Diddly," and "Winsome Witch." Secret Squirrel's shorts were a parody of the then-popular spy genre, with most of his shorts' elements satirizing those of the James Bond films. Secret Squirrel was also known as "Agent 000". Beginning in 1993, thirteen new Secret Squirrel cartoons appeared in between the 2 Stupid Dogs episodes, with the updated title, Super Secret Secret Squirrel and a new cast. As of September 5, 2011, episode reruns returned on Boomerang from Cartoon Network.

Boy Meets Grill 2002

Boy Meets Grill is a show on the Food Network. This show, hosted by Bobby Flay, features grilling tips for people with any level of experience in the kitchen. It was first aired in 2002. Boy Meets Grill also airs on ETC, Lifestyle Channel in the Philippines and on the Israeli Food Channel. The name is a pun on the archetypical plot element "boy meets girl".

The Grill Dads 2017

Hit the road with Mark and Ryan, BFF dads with a combined love of all things grilled, fried, creative and downright flavorful. They'll showcase some of the most-epic bites to leave you wanting more-and perhaps serve up a few dad jokes while they're at it.

Grill Me

Grill Me is a USA Network game show that aired its pilot on September 9, 1996. It was hosted by actor/comedian Jordan Brady, and sponsored by Honda. Three celebrities competed to win money in a game show somewhat like Jeopardy! for charity – indeed, Brady referred to it as "Jeopardy! for stupid people".

Grilled 2012

Duncan "Thorin" Shields interview eSports personalities.

Killin' N Grillin'

Killin' n' Grillin is a sportsman television series hosted by Mike Judge. The series is a combination between both a sportsman show and a cooking show.

O cvrčkovi 1983

Short stories about the cricket and his magic violin. No matter what happens, with the help of his violin and it’s soothing sounds the cricket will always find a solution to his problems.

Licence to Grill

License to Gril is a show hosted by Rob Rainford and can be seen on Food Network Canada, Asian Food Channel and downloaded at MoboVivo. The show is produced by Knight Enterprises. The show was formerly carried in the United States on the Discovery Networks channel Discovery Home, but was dropped from the schedule when the channel was flipped to the ecology-themed Planet Green. The episode "Bike Ride BBQ" was the last one to air in the USA. License to Grill is a series that explores the enjoyment of backyard cooking, entertaining, and the barbecue. Each episode takes place over a day or two, but mainly on Saturdays. The host and chef Rob Rainford prepares a meal for the evening when guests will arrive. The central theme is barbecue and with that, Rainford shows us tips and tricks for cooking on a barbecue. The recipes range from the typical barbecue fare, such as hamburgers, steaks, kebabs, to more ambitious meals such as leg of lamb, hot smoking sides of fish, grilled desserts. Rainford has a philosophy when it comes to the barbecue: "It's pretty simple. Just start with the freshest ingredients you can find and then you've got two choices: long slow cooking over low indirect heat, or red hot and smokin' for fast grilling. If you cook low and slow then you can use all sorts of rubs and smoking agents to infuse the food with a depth of flavour you just can’t get out of an oven. As for high heat grilling, your barbecue puts out way more heat than your stovetop so you can get that wonderful charring and searing, just like in a restaurant."

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