The deaths from the Black Forest 2010

A woman disappears mysteriously in the middle of a forest. Police begins his search, in addition to her husband, a forensic expert. When officers asked to provide them with a photograph of the missing, he discovers that someone has entered her house and stole all the images of women.

Schwarzwaldfahrt aus Liebeskummer 1974

The young architect Hannes Cremer wants to forget all professional stress on his grandfather's Black Forest farm. He falls in love with the student Renate, but her romance is thwarted by Hannes' beloved admirer Janine. When Renate disappears, Hannes and his friend Uwe find so many surprises. Music comedy with Roy Black.

Schwarzwald: The Movie You Can Dance To 2008

Starring Buck Angel, the world famous female-to-male transsexual porn star, and featuring a cast of performance artists, nightclub personalities, exhibitionists, fetishists and over 5,000 leather clad dancers, the movie captures - for the first time on film - the transformative powers of all male gay dance rituals as exemplified by New York City's 28 year old Black Party. Stylistically, it combines elements of Grimm's fairy tales as interpreted by Disney, German Expressionist silent films, the modern documentary, and "arty" porn filtered through heavy use of Jungian allegorical archetypes. The film is scored to a continuous dance mix and intended to take audiences on a phantasmagorical trip. It's a new step in a long tradition of underground 'queer' cinema as a leader in the evolution of the cinematic art form.

The Black Forest Clinic 1985

The Black Forest Clinic is a German language medical drama television series that was produced by and filmed in West Germany. The series was produced between 1984 and 1988 with the original airing being from October 2, 1985 to March 25, 1989 on West Germany's ZDF television channel. The series' storyline follows the inner workings of a small fictional hospital in the Black Forest region of Germany as well as the lives of the Brinkmann family of doctors who work at the hospital. Shortly after broadcasting had begun in 1985, The Black Forest Clinic became a highly popular television event, reaching audiences of over 20 million viewers. 25 years since its debut, it is still highly regarded in Germany. The series had been re-broadcast several times since 1985 and has spawned two television films released 20 years after its initial airing.

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