Friends: Naki on Monster Island 2012

Offshore, shrouded in fog, there is a mysterious island that is said to be the home of a family of monsters. It is strictly forbidden to approach it. But one day a human child, Mushroom, it loses and coming face to face with the mysterious creatures that live there. The arrival of Mushroom, makes panic on the island because the monsters are actually terrified of living humans.

Nobody's Boy: Remi 1977

Nobody's Boy: Remi is a Japanese anime series by Tokyo Movie Shinsha. The story is based upon French author Hector Malot's novel Sans Famille in France. The anime is well known in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Latin America, Quebec, France, Italy, the Arab world, Indonesia and Philippines. A movie version by the same studio and director was released in 1980. The anime was originally shown in the Philippines in between 1979 and 1980. However, like the other contemporary anime broadcast in the same period, the full story was not shown. It was only after nearly twenty years that it was shown in full, under the title "Remi" on ABS-CBN, this time in Tagalog. In 1996, a new adaptation of this story was aired in Japan. Remi, Nobody's Girl was created by Nippon Animation as part of their famous World Masterpiece Theater series.

Voice 2009

A group of five medical students take on the task of conveying the "voices of the dead." Kaji Daiki fails to get into a popular heart surgery seminar but is somehow accepted into a seminar on forensic pathology. When he approaches professor Sagawa and asks him why he ended up in the seminar, Sagawa challenges him by asking why he wants to study heart surgery. Daiki replies that medicine is meaningless after the heart stops, but Sagawa counters that medicine also applies to the dead. And so, together with fellow students Ryosuke, Kanako, Teppei and Akira, Daiki begins to explore the mysteries of death.

Remy, Nobody's Girl 1996

Remi, Nobody's Girl was a 26-episode Japanese anime television series by Nippon Animation, broadcast 1996 to 1997 across Japan on the Fuji Television network as an installment to Nippon Animation's famed World Masterpiece Theater series. The show was directed by Kusaba Kouzo and screenplay adapted by Man Shimada, with character designs by Ooshiro Katsu. The story is adapted from Sans Famille, a 1878 French novel, written by Hector Malot; this version made major changes from the book, including changing the gender of the main character and the "Swan" chapter, along with many other main events. It started airing on September 1, 1996; the show was canceled by Fuji TV on account of low ratings; it ended March 23, 1997 with a low count of 23 episodes. The complete series, all 26 episodes, was later aired by the anime satellite television network, Animax, who translated and dubbed the series into English for broadcast across its English-language networks in Southeast Asia and South Asia, under the title Remi, Nobody's Girl, as well as other languages including Arabic in the Middle East where it was a success and famous.

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