Love Exposure Extended THE TV-SHOW 2017

Troubled 17-year-old Yu (Nishijima Takahiro) is the son of a widowed priest (Watabe Atsuro) who's in an illicit relationship with a parishioner (Watanabe Makiko). Beleaguered by his father's hypocritical religious zeal, Yu takes his own sin - taking upskirt panty shots of schoolgirls - very seriously, so much so it becomes a job. Yu is saving his first time for the ideal girl, and he finally meets her in the form of Yoko (Mitsushima Hikari), a sassy man-hating schoolgirl who beats up guys for the heck of it. Yu falls hard for Yoko, but courting her is no easy matter, especially when fanatical cult recruiter Aya (Ando Sakura) also has her eyes on Yoko.

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